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Sue Mollison

  • Position: Executive Consultant

I​’m Sue and I joined LMA in 2008 and I am proud of my achievements within the business as a senior consultant, placing 100’s of candidates with some really fantastic clients over the years.

I have watched the business blossom under our MD into the highly successful agency it is today and it’s been a really great journey along the way.

Working within the secretarial division, I work with prestigious clients from all sectors and enjoy amazing working relationships that have developed throughout my career. (I have also recruited in the fast paced banking and finance sectors, which is great preparation for multi-tasking and keeping a cool head!).

What I love about LMA as a working mum, is that if I have to dash off to see my son in a school play, I can and that flexibility is something I am very grateful for.

A little snapshot about me: I am a mother of the two most amazing boys in the world. (Well I would say that!), but truly they are the most loving and caring children that you could wish for.

I am also the biggest animal lover in the company and there is a lot of competition at LMA to hold that badge of honour! I won, when I rang my Director to tell her I would be late for work as I was directing a fireman in getting a cat down from a roof! (I couldn’t leave for work until I knew he was safe and sound and he consequently calmly jumped off the roof, when the fireman’s ladder went up!)….red faces followed….