Join us as an Executive Recruitment Consultant

Monroe have always had a strong commitment to training and development of its people and our in-house training focuses on developing technical recruitment skills, as well as teaching the importance of working with a high level of integrity and professionalism. When starting your career in recruitment, you want to make sure you are joining a company that will invest in your development. Our in-house training is comprehensive and includes classroom, online and webinar training courses, as well as practical coaching while working. When the induction training is completed, and your skills have been practiced, advanced and leadership recruitment courses are available. Our in-house training program is recognised as being one of the recruitment industries best by Global Recruiter magazine.

Have you got what it takes to secure a Recruitment Consultant job?

Recruitment is an exciting job for people of all ages. If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding role, which combines sales, people skills and problem solving you may have what it takes to be a successful recruitment consultant.

What is the job of an Executive Recruitment Consultant with Monroe?

The job of an Executive Recruitment Consultant is fast paced, demanding and diverse. It is also very challenging and exciting, and no two days are ever the same. The role involves attracting business from client companies by using sales, business development and marketing techniques. This includes building relationships with clients by going out and meeting them, keeping in touch over the telephone and via writing. It involves getting to know the client companies, what they do, how they operate and the general culture or atmosphere of the workplace. An important attribute for a recruitment consultant is the confidence to contact prospective clients and win their business. Recruitment Consultants are also required to attract candidates by drafting advertising copy, using a wide range of media and direct search methodologies. It also involves screening candidates, interviewing them and selecting suitable candidates to put forward to client companies. Recruitment Consultants are also involved in negotiating pay and salary rates and finalizing arrangements between clients and candidates. The sense of satisfaction you receive from placing the right candidate in the right job is why we do what we do.

What opportunities are there for career progression?

A recruitment consultant will generally enter the industry as a Trainee, working with a relatively small team. From here a person can progress to a Senior Consultant and then to management or a Principle Consultant. Each level has clearly outlined goals that will trigger promotion when achieved. By working at Monroe Consulting Group, you will have access to career progression at a local level as well as internationally. Being part of an international staffing company, you will also have access to gain short term experience of overseas markets.

What rewards could a recruitment consultant expect?

Salaries form the backbone of your rewards, and handsome commissions are the topping that makes the job very attractive to sales professionals. Commissions are based on performance and there is no ceiling.

A recruitment industry overview

The recruitment industry is a dynamic, fast-paced and highly competitive industry, which can offer exciting job opportunities to the right people. Recruitment consultancies attract candidates and match them to jobs in client companies on a temporary or permanent basis. The recruitment consultants’ job is the vital link between candidate and clients. They operate in virtually all sectors of the employment market. To give you an idea of the size of the recruitment industry, experts estimate the industry to be valued at more than US$600 billion and has grown on average 12 percent per year globally. The emerging economies are a developing recruitment market and has massive untapped potential. As the market continues to grow, so too does the potential to accelerate your career.

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