Head of Business Office (Hospital)

Executive recruitment consultant Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia is recruiting on behalf of the Hospital Industry. Our respected client is seeking a professional with suitable qualifications. The job is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.


  • Conducting performance assessments for the Registration & Admin Department, ICAICA, and BPJSBPJS & InhealthInhealth.
  • Issuing verbal or written warnings and guidance to the Registration & Admin Department, Insurance Corporate Account, as well as BPJSBPJS & InhealthInhealth, in case of violations against company regulations and provisions.
  • Signing all letters and documents designated as the authority of the Head of the Business Office Division.
  • Seeking guidance from the Hospital Director in case of operational challenges in the Business Office division.
  • Approving work schedules and annual leave in the departments within the Business Office.
  • Managing the dissemination of Business Office service information to all relevant units.


  • Preferably a graduate with a bachelor of Medicine
  • Minimum of 3 years in a managerial role in the same field, with a preference for experience in Insurance Corporate Account.
  • Possesses good analyticalanalytical skills.
  • Demonstrates leadership skills.
  • Has good communication abilities.
  • Understand operational flow of a hospital.
  • Experience in the field of insurance guarantee (insurance/BPJSBPJS).