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Data Analytics

Uncovering hard to find talent requires an in-depth knowledge of the recruitment market in Malaysia. The Monroe Malaysia team build their knowledge through daily contact with senior professionals in the sector they serve. To enhance their understanding further, Monroe Malaysia has access to big data analytical tools, which identify employer and jobseeker trends and patterns in Malaysia. Our analytics can also target individual companies, giving valuable insights into their manpower strengths and vulnerabilities. Our in-house knowledge, professional networks and data analysis tools, means we are able to provide our clients with valuable market insight.

Online Access for Employers and Job Seekers.

Monroe Malaysia has invested heavily in the latest recruitment technologies to enhance the service we provide to employers and job seekers. These tools include a cloud-based recruitment system, which allows Recruiters to access candidates in Malaysia and all other Monroe locations.  Employers have access to an online LiveList that enables them to view candidate profiles, take action and log interview notes. Job seekers have access to a personalised candidate portal that allows them to update their information, apply to jobs and track the progress of their job applications.

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