Monroe Consulting Group Talent Mapping Service Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Talent Mapping Service in Malaysia

Talent Mapping Recruitment Service in Malaysia

A custom-made recruitment solution for employers who want to gather market information in Malaysia or to manage the risk when employees resign from key positions in the company. Talent mapping is the ideal solution for planning the future hiring needs. The goal is to identify high-potential employees in Malaysia whose future development aligns with your strategic priorities.

Talent Mapping is the process of collecting market information by confidentially assessing prospective candidates from a distance without interviewing them or conducting a full search. It saves time and offers valuable insights into the market that can facilitate decision making in the case of confidential projects.

Basic Talent Mapping Package: Name, current position, current company, contact number, email address, location, academic details and current status.
Comprehensive Talent Mapping Package: Basic package information, remuneration details, consultant comments, and primary CV.
In-depth Talent Mapping Package: Comprehensive package information, reporting structure, additional information customized by client.

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