Looking for a career back home? We can help you.

In recent years employers have seen the benefits of hiring overseas returnees. For overseas returnees who are looking to find exciting opportunities back home, Monroe Consulting Group’s team of dedicated expert consultants can help you gain a foothold in the Asia job market.

One of the biggest challenges that overseas returnees may face is the lack of information about the domestic market. Our consultants at Monroe are attuned to emerging trends in both local and global markets and have the expertise, knowledge and networks to help connect you with reputable brands and businesses in the Asia region.

Benefits for returning home:
  • Closer to family 

  • Opportunity to develop your career

  • Familiarity in lifestyle and culture

  • Local and global exposure 

  • Competitive remuneration package

  • Start your journey with us.

At Monroe Consulting Group we understand your job-seeking requirements and can facilitate a successful match with Asia Pacific’s most prominent companies across growth industries. Get started with your move back home by contacting us. Returnees who have already settled back in Asia can also apply.