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Big Data Industry Executive Search - Headhunting the Best & Brightest in Thailand

Executive Search & Headhunting Recruitment Agency Services for the Big Data Industry of Thailand

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Thailand provides outstanding headhunting services to identify the best talent within the Big Data sector. Based in Bangkok our executive search firm’s Big Data industry knowledge means that its headhunters are experts in uncovering hard-to-find, passive candidates in Thailand that typical database-driven recruitment agencies often overlook.

Monroe's Technology division’s knowledge of the Big Data industry in Thailand allows our executive search consultants to excel in headhunting senior executives for leading national and multinational Big Data brands in Bangkok and greater Thailand. Our executive recruitment agency service represents companies across in Thailand and Asia, with its skilled Bangkok located headhunters embodying the core values of professionalism, honesty, and integrity. All of Monroe’s long-standing relationships attest to the success of its headhunting service and its executive search recruitment consultants.

Monroe's Thailand’s Big Data industry headhunters are not only experts in their fields but also provide executive recruitment services for all job vacancies in any department, including but not limited to executive management, finance, procurement, production, supply chain, information technology, sales & marketing.

Monroe Thailand, Headhunting Talent in the Big Data Sector

Monroe Consulting Group Thailand strives to provide a best in class executive search service that exceeds expectations. The same applies to our Technology division when working with employers and job seekers from the Big Data Industry of Thailand. Unlike database-driven recruitment agency services who focus on finding people available in the public domain, our Technology division digs deeper and performs targeted headhunting searches in Thailand using data analytics, combined with well-trained consultants to identify the right candidate for the job role.

Our reputation for being professional and honest, while demonstrating integrity ensures we work with the most desirable companies and candidates in the fast-growing markets we serve. Thus, we are confident in our ability to meet the recruitment needs of any company, including the demand for C-level executives.

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