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Executive Search & Headhunting Recruitment Agency Services for the Fintech Industry in Thailand

What has made headhunting company Monroe Consulting Group Thailand a leader in executive search is its specialisation in key Technology  industries, including the Fintech sector. The company’s Bangkok based executive headhunters are expertly trained and have a comprehensive knowledge of the Fintech industry,  the recruitment needs of companies and an ability to map and headhunt the executives and technical talent needed to fill key jobs in Thailand.

Monroe Consulting Group Fintech headhunter team rub shoulders with leading executive talent on a daily basis, meaning the search agency’s recruitment firm are thoroughly informed of the latest news pertinent to their respective fields and the hiring needs of their client companies.

Monroe Thailand, Headhunting Talent in the Fintech Industry

Monroe Thailand is a global executive recruitment agency, which is located in Bangkok, specialises in the emerging and important economies of Asian and Latam. Our local headhunters utilise international award-winning search methodologies, in combination with superior and ongoing training, Fintech Industry knowledge, advanced recruitment technology and a focus on customer and client company satisfaction.

Monroe Thailand can access high performing passive candidates as it utilises sophisticated headhunting techniques instead of a database driven service. Taking the time to analyse and map the market while conducting a highly focused search, delivers a greater selection of available talent. It is for this reason among many others that Fintech companies return time and time again for their senior recruitment needs.

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