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Retained Executive Search Recruitment Headhunting Service in Vietnam

Retained Executive Search in Vietnam

Monroe Consulting Group Vietnam's retained search service is designed for employers who value thoroughness and the job being done right, over the speed of the recruitment process. A retained search comes with increased dedicated resources, industry expertise and bespoke selection methodology. Companies who are looking to feel senior level roles in Vietnam that can have a direct impact on the success of the business will generally use this model.

The advantages of retained search include working with one of our more experienced Ho Chi Minh City based executive search consultants, who has and in-depth knowledge of the industry and availability of talent. Because retained search requires Monroe to be granted exclusivity, we are able to dedicated more time and resources to the research phase. Better research uncovers high performing passive candidates that are not typically available in the public domain.

Retained search increases the access to a wider range of candidates as they know that a company engaging a retained firm is serious about recruiting. Monroe Consulting Group Vietnam’s reputation in the markets we operate is highly valued and trusted by candidates, which allows us to access candidates that others can't.

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