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The Key Differences Between Volume Hiring And Regular Recruitment
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The key differences between volume hiring and regular recruitment

  • Publish Date: Posted 1 年以上之前

Your business's success depends on recruiting the right employees. Having the right people at the right time is crucial for any company, regardless of position level. Unfortunately, most employers find it challenging to find the right candidate.

Many people, when faced with the huge recruitment landscape, confuse volume hiring with traditional recruitment. There is a significant difference between the two, and using volume hiring strategies for regular recruitment or vice versa will not be effective. So, let’s dive into the details.

What do these terms mean?
  • Volume Hiring

Recruiting multiple employees for equal roles is known as volume hiring. Typically, these jobs are entry-level and require a group of people rather than just one.

  • Corporate or Regular Recruitment

Corporate recruitment or regular recruitment is the process of hiring one person for a vacancy. To fill a position, a recruiter must find the right candidate who matches certain criteria.

What are the key differences when it comes to Candidate Assessments?
  • Volume Hiring

In volume recruitment, applicants must beautomatically screened and graded in order to handle hundreds or even thousands of applications at one time. Each candidate cannot be evaluated manually because if the application process takes too long, they may lose interest.

  • Corporate or Regular Recruitment

After finding a candidate, recruiters usually conduct an initial manual screening. Applicants are screened, resumes and cover letters are manually reviewed, and education, previous work experience, and appropriate background information are thoroughly checked. Using their data and intuition, they identify the right candidate, then assess successful candidates based on job-specific "necessities". Finally, they ask you to demonstrate your skills.

What are the key differences when it comes to Interviewing?
  • Volume Hiring

When volume hiring, multiple applicants will need to be interviewed, and manually scheduling that many interviews would be too time-consuming. While the interviews themselves shouldn't be automated, the scheduling should be. As soon as the candidates who meet the selection criteria have been assessed, volume recruiters use technology to automatically schedule calls with them. As an alternative, recruiters may ask candidates to record a short video answering predetermined questions or schedule assessment days where they can conduct group interviews.

  • Corporate or Regular Recruitment

Recruiters invite only a select few of the top candidates forward for interviews after screening and assessment. To schedule interviews, recruiters will communicate with applicants back and forth to find a time that is convenient for both parties. The candidate would then be given an opportunity to meet with hiring managers, usually at a one-to-one level, and ask any questions they may have. While it does lengthen the overall hiring process of regular recruitment, it is important as it allows each party to thoroughly assess suitability.

What are the key differences when it comes to Candidate Selection?
  • Volume Hiring

Because there is a larger quantity of candidates when volume hiring, the selection process is quite complicated. Typically, manual selection processes are flawed and prone to bias as hiring managers will choose candidates with very similar profiles. Having clear selection criteria and using a recruiter can ensure that your selection process remains unbiased and provides your business with the diversity essential to succeed.

  • Corporate or Regular Recruitment

Prior to offering the job to the candidate they believe is the most qualified, recruiters will carry out background checks and make reference requests, before moving on to offer negotiations where they will act as a third party helping both client and candidate to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Our teams are on hand and able to assist with both regular recruitment and volume hiring needs. Get in touch today to discuss the most appropriate plan of action for your business.