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Selecting a Recruitment Partner

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 13 years ago

Recently I have noticed a growing number of recruitment companies entering the Indonesian market place. I firmly believe competition is good as it pushes companies to improve the quality of their service. The establishment of new recruitment companies in Indonesia will also help strengthen what is currently a very young recruitment industry.

However, I am growing concerned that some of the recruitment companies sprouting up locally lack the background and experience necessary to deliver an acceptable service. If you are a company looking for employees or in the market for a new job, you should take the time to assess the company you are working with. By spending a few moments to research your recruitment partner you can be assured your business or career is in good hands. Some of the areas I suggest investigating are:

What email address is the person using? Email addresses which are from Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc  are not good signs that you are working with a professional.

Look at the companies website. While you can’t always judge a book by its cover, a website usually provides a good indication. A good recruitment website should contain details of the companies current jobs that display the date the job was posted. Other positive indicators include testimonials, social media engagement and recruitment advice.

Look on LinkedIn. A few quick searches on LinkedIn will let you know how many employees the company has and more importantly the background and experience of the senior level management. Do they have a depth of recruitment experience you can trust?

Ask other people. Check with your friends and colleagues if they are aware of the company and if they have heard any positive or negative feedback.