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Monroe launch new mobile "responsive" website

  • Publish Date: Posted over 11 years ago

Monroe Consulting Group has always strived to take advantage of the latest technologies.  Because of the continued trend in South East Asia to access the internet via a mobile device, we spent a considerable amount of time researching and discussing the development of a mobile application V’s building a mobile site from scratch. Luckily for us our discussions were interrupted by a phone call from our internet partner to explain that they could now offer a “responsive website.”

It was explained that “responsive” in terms of web design meant that the entire layout responds based on the user’s screen resolution. Imagine this scenario: you’re reading a website on a laptop, and then you switch to a mobile device for one reason or another. The browser window will be re-sized in order to give the best user experience for the screen size being used to access the website.

Because a responsive website works well on Blackberry, Android and Apple platforms this is the direction we took. Our new mobile friendly website is live so please grab your phone and test it for yourself. 

PS. In the recent American elections President Obama used a responsive website and Mitt Romney used a dedicated mobile website. As President Obama won, we are certain we made the right decision!