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Doing Something That Matters

  • Publish Date: Posted over 8 years ago

One of the most important things that Monroe Consulting Group teaches its consultants is the importance of displaying high levels of genuine care and empathy when providing recruitment services. It is paramount that each of our team members understand that they are in a position that allows them to do something that really matters and bring positive results to people.

Given the importance of this core value to Monroe, it was a particularly delightful day this week when one of our consultants received a cake inscribed with the words, “Thanks for bringing our daddy back.”

This simple message melted everybody’s hearts and was an important reinforcement that working in recruitment places us in positions of being able to have positive impacts on the personal as well as professional lives of the people they work with. In this case, it was a father employed abroad who was able to return home to Indonesia to take up a new position and be reunited with his adoring family.