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Monroe Indonesia’s 10 Hottest Technology Jobs Available Now

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 9 years ago

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group’s hottest new job opening in the technology and information technology (IT) industries in Indonesia today is a country director for a digital company, with the right candidate expecting to take home Rp 150,000 (US$10,500) a month as well as an attractive benefits package.

Tina Nugraheni, head of Monroe Indonesia’s Technology Division, said the country director opening was closely followed by a head of engineering in the mobile technology sector, also expecting Rp 150 million, and an Indonesia human resources (HR) manager, though the remuneration package for this position was confidential.

Here’s is Monroe Consulting Group’s Top 10 list:

1) Country director, digital (Rp 150 million)

2) Head of engineering, mobile technology (Rp 150 million)

3) Country human resources (HR) manager, IT Hardware (confidential)

4) General manager (GM) sales operations, online travel industry(Rp 80 million)

5) General Manager (GM) marketing, online travel (Rp 80 million)

6) Sales director, software solutions, financial services industry (Rp 70 million)

7) B2B major account manager (System Integrator) (Rp 40 million)

8) Chief technology officer (CTO), online start-up E-commerce (Rp 40 million)

9) Head of Sales, printing-copier solutions (Rp 40 million)

10) Country sales director, contact centre solution provider (Rp 50 million)

Tina said the openings were with respected, established Indonesian and multinational companies, as well as exciting new start-up ventures. The job openings were perfect for established professionals looking to reinvigorate their careers, she said.

The country director would lead strategic and operational leadership in supporting existing and new clients, Tina said. “This position is for a candidate looking for exciting, innovative work in an environment where there is truly the opportunity to shape the business and make a difference,” she said. “It’s the ideal opportunity to be part of taking an already successful business to new heights in the Indonesian market.”

For the head of engineering position, Monroe was already actively engaged with Indonesians who were seeking to repatriate to Indonesia, or candidates with international exposure and preferably those who had graduated abroad, she said. “People and management skills are key elements to securing this job along with deep, wide and current technical skills in mobile technology.”

Tina said the Indonesia human resources manager position was open to a candidate who could drive overall HR strategy and align it with the goals of an expanding multinational company, which had previously handled the HR function from a regional headquarters.

Speaking of the technology industry in general, Tina said that despite the economic challenges in Indonesia, the country remained an attractive market for businesses, particularly in the technology and digital spaces.

“If we look at my Technology Division, for example, we have increased our job placements by more than 80 percent in the year-to-date compared to the previous year,” she said. “The technology sectors that are really experiencing this tremendous growth are hardware and mobility, and we are bringing in triple the revenue compared to last year. And if we really break it down, almost 50 percent of our clients are brand new start-ups, including a number of multinational companies who know that Monroe can help them getting started.”

She said there were also downsides to this rapid growth, specifically increased salary demands. “Indonesia is a candidate-driven market because of the lack of people with the specialist training to do many of the available jobs at the executive level. This talent shortage is one of the classic issues that companies have been forced to face here.”

Tina said that the market was marked by “job-hoppers” who stayed with a company for two years before moving on. “Unfortunately, nowadays, that something pretty common and employers don’t have much option but to accept the situation and market trend especially when it comes to the digital space.”

Monroe’s Technology Division and its dedicated team of consultants remained abreast of the current trends in the recruitment sector in the industry and was best placed to advise client companies on the current trends and dynamics within its sector, she said.

“The industry is still in its infancy; everybody is still trying to size it all up and find that balance,” she said. “This is really where an executive recruitment firm that specialises in emerging markets really steps in and helps. It’s a win-win for both parties.”