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Monroe Consultants Spend Day with Underprivileged Children in Thailand

  • Publish Date: Posted over 8 years ago

Thirty-five staff members from executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Thailand were delighted to have participated in a charity event for 120 underprivileged children from the ancient city of Ayutthaya, two hours north of Bangkok, recently

The fun day, organised by Thai children’s charity the Gift of Happiness Foundation [Active link:], was held at Wat Sam Ma Kan Village School for the children of poor families who work in the area. A number of orphaned Cambodian and Burmese children are also housed at the school.

John Tolmie, managing director of Monroe Thailand, said the company’s recruitment consultants spent much of the day organising and engaging in fun activities with the children, before providing lunch and distributing clothing, including school uniforms.

“But the main and most enjoyable part of the day, as always, was the professional circus performance delivered by Clown Eckie, aka Edward “Eddie” Haworth, whose charity does wonderful things for children in need throughout Thailand,” Mr Tolmie said.

He said the non-profit Gift of Happiness Foundation had supported the school since 2005, providing computers, air conditioning, library and educational supplies and “many tons” of clothing, toys and playground equipment.

“Monroe has been involved in assisting Eddie and his wonderful foundation for only a short time but we have seen in this period how much of an impact he has on the lives of so many children,” he said. “We are dedicated to building on this relationship indefinitely.”

Eddie said it was great to see the Monroe consultants enjoying the experience as much as the children. “Even before the Go-Happy volunteers had arrived, the Monroe staff had separated the 120 children into groups so they could give them the very best fun day possible.”

He thanked Monroe for its ongoing support of the foundation and its important charity work. “The Gift of Happiness Foundation is proud to have been associated with Monroe Consulting Group since 2015,” he said. “We send our sincere thanks on behalf of the thousands of poor children Monroe have helped to have a happier life through their kind support of our small, but very effective organisation.”

Eddie said the Foundation would gladly accept any donations of items for children, or funding that would allow the organisation to continue or even expand its charity work.

“Our next project will be another one of our monthly aid and show projects in the north of Thailand during the last part of April when we will visit six schools and two medical centres to give supplies of clothing, educational equipment, medical essentials and fun-packed shows for around 1,000 children,” he said.