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Monroe Consulting Group Visit OLX Indonesia

  • Publish Date: Posted over 8 years ago

A team of recruitment professionals from Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia’s specialised technology division were delighted to visit the offices of OLX Indonesia, one of the world’s largest free classified advertising website businesses with operations in about 100 countries and more than 150 million unique visitors per month.

Monroe recruitment consultants often host or visit leading, cutting-edge technology companies to keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry to maintain superior knowledge that is vital in securing the best talent for multinational or national companies. Indonesia is experiencing a talent war in this sector, with the country failing to produce the desired number of professionals, particularly in E-commerce, which is continuing its rapid growth.

Tina Nugraheni, who heads Monroe’s Technology Division, said the recruitment consultants leapt at the chance to visit OLX, formerly Toko Bagus, who were continuing to do great things in Indonesia.

“As recruiters, most of us do not have technical backgrounds so it was very important that our consultants were able to meet with OLX’s technical team who were able to provide detailed explanations, as well as the technology involved and trends in the industry itself,” Tina said.

She said she wished to personally thank Rendra Toro, application development manager at OLX Indonesia, and Sunandar, the company’s technical manager, who were able to explain very complex matters in a manner that could be easily understood by people from non-technical backgrounds.

Tina said OLX CTO Benjamin Hoskin, who previously served as development manager for E-bay in Europe before moving to Jakarta, joined the discussion session, sharing his insights about the technology being utilised by OLX.

“Being a step ahead of the competition in terms of technology is definitely a great achievement yet on the other side of the coin, this can cause problems finding the best people for crucial jobs. Ben said the lack of talented human resources was not only apparent in Indonesia but also around the world,” she said, adding that Mr Hoskin was appreciative of our consultants for being proactive and initiating the visit.

“This was definitely a great learning opportunity for us and this will only add to our proven ability in sourcing candidates in the technology sector,” she said, adding that Monroe had made a number of placements with the company recently.