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Philippines Adopts 16 Special Needs Children for a Day of Fun

  • Publish Date: Posted about 8 years ago

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Philippines was honored to have attended the 38th Therapeutic Summer Kamp for Children with Special Needs at Tanuan North Central School, Tanuan City, Batangas, over the weekend. The 10-day camp ending on April 17 serves to bring children out of institutions or home environments to enjoy a camp where they can have fun and be challenged, engaged, counselled and behaviorally reinforced.

The event is organized by PVI Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization composed of young professional volunteers from different parts of the Philippines, whose mission is to uplift the lives of children with special needs regardless of race, creed or gender. Camp activities include a Mardi Gras, cheering competition, dance festival, arts and crafts, Special Olympics, cultural night, nature study, field trips, school setting, family sharing and other activities that enhance the children’s innate talents and potential.

Jelly Ruth Villaraza, a recruitment consultant with Monroe’s Technology Division, said it was a privilege to have participated in the camp’s family sharing activity on Sunday, a day where families can adopt children with special needs, bring them home and show them what a home is.

“Monroe Consulting adopted 16 children with special needs and took them to a kiddie party at Jollibee, where there are prepared games, prizes, dancing and food for the kids,” Jelly said. “After the party, we took everybody to watch The Jungle Book movie and ended the day at an amusement center. Everybody had a fantastic time and it’s something that the consultants and children will remember for the rest of their lives.” 

Monroe Philippines Managing Director Stuart Gatland received a heart-melting note from a child with autism. “Sir, thank you for accommodating us. I hope God will bring back all the good things and love that you have shown us. Thank you and I love you.”

Monroe was delighted to have been allowed to make a financial donation to the initiative thanks to the generosity of its consultants, families, friends, clients and other institutions, Jelly said. “Some of clients that donated are Kimberly Clark though Grace Garcia, HR Head and Monde Nissin through Nilda Villa, Staffing Officer and Karline Limlingan, HR Manager. The volunteers from PVI were so grateful for all the donations.”

“This is a Foundation close to my heart, as I am a former volunteer myself. I know how hard and challenging the 10-day camp is for all the volunteers who are leaving their own families to help serve these wonderful children,” Jelly said. “The love shown by the children is more than enough to keep going. It gives meaning to our lives. Kudos to all the volunteers and staff of the PVI Foundation Inc.”

Stuart Gatland, managing director for Monroe Consulting Philippines, said being a part of the out-reach event was an eye opening and educational experience.

“Being an expatriate here in the Philippine, I was surprised to learn that children with disabilities are at risk of being left at churches and institutions for someone else to take care of, where In the UK they remain with their families most of the time and are made as much as possible, part of the community.”

He said he had a lot of respect for those behind the Kamp for Children with Special Needs, including the volunteers. “We at Monroe just gave up a small part of our time and a small amount of money to supply a day of fun for the kids that they would not normally experience or forget,” Mr Gatland said. “Thanks to our clients for giving us some free products that the kids needed and enjoyed. After this weekend we will continue to support these Kids and plan some bigger surprises for the kids on next year’s Kamp."