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Zomato and the Importance of Recruitment in High Stakes Technology Start-Up Environment in Indonesia

  • Publish Date: Posted about 8 years ago

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia were delighted to host Anchali Kardia, AVP Sales at Zomato Indonesia, for a discussion on the future of the restaurant search, discovery and ordering portal and the E-commerce industry in general last week.

Monroe’s relationship with Anchali has been a positive one, having placed the sales executive with the then start-up in Jakarta two years ago. In that time, the India-based company has grown and has reached the break-even point.

“I would have to say that this is a pretty fantastic result in such a short period of time,” said Tina Nugraheni, who is in charge of Monroe Indonesia’s specialised Technology Department. “Recently, she was invited to provide a presentation to Jakarta Governor Basuki Purnama about how Zomato could help provide a boost to the administration’s programme to support street food vendors.”

Tina said one of the keys to Anchali’s success in online sales had been to listen, to question and to come up with solutions. “In addition, she said working in the risky start-up environment was not for the faint hearted and was only suited to people who were willing to take risks and were flexible to change.”

Tina said there were a number of things people should consider before joining a new start-up. First, Anchali believed that it was important to study the company’s business model, she said. “Is the business model answering a need in society, is it something unique whereby everyone is not fishing in the same pool?” she said.

Second, Anchali believed it was important to research the owner or investors behind of the company to ensure the person or people was committed to investing and growing the company, she said. “And third, who is the boss? Who are the people inside the company that you will be working with? It’s important because you grow and develop working for a good boss with smart and supporting colleagues.”

“Last, you need to be person who is self-motivated and is not looking for a regular 9-5 job; a person who doesn’t mind working harder because you believe in the dream of the company and want to be one of the people who are directly responsible for the growth of the company. Not just being one of the employees who has a job.”

Asked about recruitment, Anchali said she had experience with a number of headhunting firms but none compared to the professionalism that Monroe provided. “She believed that Monroe excelled in ensuring that its recruitment consultants remained up to date on the latest technology industry news and events,” Tina said. “And the company overall implemented a professional and responsive recruitment service. No doubt this is why Anchali continues to use or services.”