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Executive Recruitment Company Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia Heads Back to University

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia went back to university, not once but twice last week as part of a series of campus-based lectures aimed at providing students with valuable insights into specific industries in Indonesia, the jobs markets and recruitment.

Tina Nugraheni, the head of Monroe Indonesia’s Technology Division, said that the first event, ‘Start-Up: Creating Your Future in the Digital Industry,’ also featured Dr Teddy Tjandra, the founder and CEO of education-based start-up, and Razi Thalib, founder and CEO of Indonesian dating website

Tina said the discussion, sponsored by online news portal Tech in Asia and Binus University in Jakarta, provided students with the opportunity to gain big-picture insights into the digital industry, including the current landscape, the potential and how students could prepare themselves for a career in the exciting and challenging sector.

The recruitment consultant said the event at Binus University was attended by more than 200 students “who all have a passion and deep interest in the growth of start-up companies in Indonesia.”

She said it was hard to believe that just 5 to 10 years earlier, advertising billboards in Jakarta were dominated by large conglomerates advertising banking services or cigarettes. “But these days, many of the advertisements feature tech companies like Tokopedia, OLX, Lazada, MatahariMall and Elevenia, to name a few.”

Tina said the analogy could also be transplanted into the wider Indonesian economy, jobs and the recruitment industry.

“When I was a fresh graduate and a job seeker, oil and gas companies and big multinationals were at the centre of my career considerations and seemed to be the only serious option. But that has changed,” she said. “A start-up environment is increasingly becoming a great first career option, particularly for motivated young graduates who can display initiative, communicate well and who have a continual hunger to learn.”

Two days later, on Oct. 22, Tina held a sharing session at Pertamina University, also in Jakarta, titled ‘A Bright Future is Waiting for Those who Prepare for It!’ In a presentation heavy on with humour, Tina discussed the definition of success, important factors companies considered when hiring fresh graduates, hard versus soft skills, and “seven ways to set yourself up for success in your 20s.”

Tina has also been urging students or fresh graduates, particularly those with sales experience and exposure to multicultural environments in Indonesia or abroad, to consider recruitment as a great career option, saying that the industry offered fun, money and doing a job that had a real and positive impact on people’s lives.

The recruitment consultant, who has a background in chemical engineering and marketing, including working for leading multinational companies in Indonesia, has recently travelled to the Netherlands and Taiwan to promote both working in Indonesia and working for Monroe among Indonesian professionals studying or working abroad.

Tina said the response to her discussions had been overwhelmingly positive, and a number of universities had invited Monroe Indonesia to deliver similar presentations.

“Monroe is a professional recruitment company that prides itself on giving back, from our corporate social responsibility programme that centres providing support to terminally ill, impoverished children, to our outreach programme at universities,” she said. “We are an Indonesian company committed to the development of our country.”