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Monroe Consulting Group China Promote Recruitment at SISUMBA Career and Jobs Market

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

Many hundreds of students from the prestigious Shanghai International Studies University braved cold and wet conditions to attend a career and jobs market featuring executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group China. The international-award winning recruitment company was just one of a number of companies attending the 10th Special Recruitment initiative conducted by the university’s respected MBA programme, best known as SISUMBA.

Monroe China executive recruitment consultant David Luo said the event offered the Company the chance to brief dozens of students on job openings in a number of key sectors, as well as discuss joining Monroe as trainee recruitment consultants.

“We spoke to about 20 students about recruitment as a great career choice, particularly about the interesting nature of the work, the financial benefits, and doing a job that has a positive impact on the lives of other people,” he said.

David said it was a particular honour when the dean of SISUMBA, Dr Hui Fan, approached Monroe for more information about the recruitment company.

“I was able to explain that we are an integral part of Monroe Consulting Group, which focuses on emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific, with a particular focus on the placement of highly technical or executive-level candidates with leading national and multinational companies, including via our offices in Shanghai,” he said. “I was also excited to outline how dynamic, educated graduates from highly respected higher learning institutes such as SISUMBA had the potential to forge rich and rewarding careers in recruitment.”

Puck Sun, also with Monroe China, said that as the day progressed, a number of students returned for more specific information about working in recruitment.

“In short, Monroe China is a global professional talent recruitment company, divided into four key sectors: Consumer Goods, Technology, Industrial and Professional, which covers banking, finance, insurance and business consulting,” Puck said. “Students with international exposure, such as those from SISUMBA, fluency in English and an aptitude in sales make ideal recruitment consultants.”

Lilian Shi, the assistant head of Monroe China’s Industrial Division, said they were also able to provide students, including international students, with some frank advice about their career prospects in China.

“We were approached by a Spanish student with fluent English and a background in information technology who was looking to start a career in China,” Lillian said. “I had to be honest and advise them that because of their limitations with the Chinese language, this barriers to living and working in China were quite significant.”

David said he considered the jobs market to be a success. “Five of the students we spoke with have shown interest in recruitment as a career and we are looking forward to meeting again for further discussions,” he said.