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Monroe Indonesia Recruitment Consultants Solve Murder-Mysteries During Staff Fun Day

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

Consultants from executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia put their skills as experts finding experts to the test during a staff fun day at The Escape Hunt Experience Jakarta. Thirty-five consultants from the international award-winning company were locked away in rooms for up to an hour, tasked with solving a number of brutal crimes set in Indonesia, including ‘murder in the bedroom’ and ‘ransom at Borobudur.’

Inspired by graphic adventure puzzle video games Myst and Crimson Room, ‘escape the room’ online games first appeared in Japan around 2007, before spreading throughout Asia and other parts of the world. The Escape Hunt Experience Jakarta, which markets itself as the ultimate live escape game, locks players in a room in which they must search for clues, solve puzzles and ultimately escape.

Bagus Hendrayono, managing director of Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia, said the company’s recruitment consultants regularly enjoyed staff outings and bonding sessions but the Escape Hunt Experience was “a little different from our normal fun nights.”

“Our consultants are experts and finding experts but finding the perpetrators of the crimes was unusual,” Bagus joked, referring to Monroe’s social media marketing campaign #ExpertsFindingExperts. “Our teams really had to draw on their considerable, collective brain power, creativity and thinking outside the box to solve these cases in the allotted time.”

He said the night out was very much in keeping with the company’s reputation as a fun company that looked after its staff.

“Monroe, which operates in emerging markets throughout the Asia Pacific, holds a number of similar events and once a year flies its consultants from around the world to a five-star retreat at a selected international holiday destination,” Bagus said.

“Recruitment is a job in which consultants can build rich and rewarding careers in an industry that has a real, positive impact on the lives of other people.”