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Clear Benefits for Partnering with Executive Recruitment Companies in Indonesia

  • Publish Date: Posted over 6 years ago

The “clear benefits” of national and multinational companies utilising the services of established recruitment companies were discussed during an information-sharing session between Japan Tobacco International (JTI) and executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia. 

JTI Recruitment Manager Patio Homban Simamora led the discussion by presenting his insights on headhunting in start-up and established corporate environments. Monroe Indonesia has a long and successful association with JTI, having placed a number of key executives, including Patio, with the Japanese multinational.

“Recruitment for corporations can be different from recruitment for a young, energetic and innovative start-up,” Patio said. “The attractive aspects of working for a start-up for many people are the dynamic nature of the business, the innovation and the lack of hierarchy, which means that if you are good at your job, you are more likely or will get promoted.”

On the other hand, there were potential downsides, including job security in the event the start-up was not successful, he said.

“Similarly, working for an established corporation has numerous benefits, including well-established work systems and processes, specific job descriptions, a more hierarchical structure, compliance and job stability.”

Tina Nugraheni, the head of Monroe Indonesia’s Technology Division, said she was most interested in Patio’s insights on what large multinational companies expected from their recruitment partners, and their perceptions of the recruitment industry.

“The recruitment industry is growing in Indonesia and Monroe Indonesia recorded a record number of executive-level or highly technical placements in October,” Tina said. “Though some companies prefer to keep the recruitment process in-house, increasing numbers of locally based businesses are recognising the importance of working with a specialised recruitment partner and reaping the rewards.”

Tina said that Indonesia was continuing to suffer a shortfall of qualified or experienced staff in a number of key areas within the technology sector.

Given the continued economic growth in Indonesia and ongoing interest from foreign investors looking to launch or expand business operations it was important to choose a respected recruitment partner to “attract and recruit key staff with the right attributes at the right price,” she said.

“Recruitment companies have a number of advantages given the 24/7 focus on recruitment, social media and advertising channels, and extensive database of potential job candidates,” she said. “In addition, our recruitment consultants understand their respective industries, know what candidates are worth in the marketplace and can manage salary expectations during the recruitment and hiring process.”

Patio agreed with Tina’s comments, adding that it was important for recruitment agencies to help established companies hire executives who wished to establish or build successful long-term careers.

“Staff retention is key,” he said. “It’s not only just about closing the position but finding a job candidate who will add genuine value to the organisation, buy into the culture, and build a long-term career with them.”

Patio, who graduated from the Australian National University with a Master’s in Business Studies in 2011, said that starting his career as a recruitment consultant with Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia had been instrumental in his personal development and ongoing success in the corporate world.

“Despite being an established, international award-winning recruitment company, Monroe is always innovating and places a real emphasis on the training and development of all its consultants.”

He said that in addition to learning how to be successful in the recruitment industry, Monroe had encouraged him to develop his career in a number of other key areas.

“Networking is important in recruitment, having superior communication skills, people management, negotiating skills, and leading or mentoring others are just some of the things I was able to learn and implement,” he said. “Working for Monroe in recruitment has been fantastic for me and my career."