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Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia Offers Outplacement Services

  • Publish Date: Posted over 6 years ago

International award-winning executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia has been called on by a leading technology-based company that is undergoing a complex restructuring process to help a select group of employees source new jobs in the marketing, web content and social media sectors.

Tina Nugraheni, head of Monroe Indonesia's Technology Division, said the move to provide assistance, including finding new job opportunities, to laid-off staff from the client company was “to maintain great relations with the high-level business and as a gesture of support to employees entering the job market.”

“Monroe’s superior reputation in the market means that our clients trust us to deliver outplacement services as they know that their employees will be represented by a reputable recruitment consultants,” Tina said, adding that Monroe was currently in discussions with a high-profile company that was seeking to streamline personnel.

Tina said that despite the ongoing growth of the Indonesian economy, including technology-based businesses, some start-up companies were struggling and shedding staff to compensate.

“We are helping about 15 important members of our client’s marketing division, including creative personnel, content writers and social media marketers, transition to the jobs market with an overview of the state of the respective industry and associated job opportunities,” Tina said.

“In addition to the overall jobs market and applying for jobs, Monroe’s presentation focused on preparing for an interview, which included an overview of the differing interviewing methods, such as telephone and face-to-face interviews, as well as being prepared to deal with an established interview panel.”

Adeline Wu, the assistant head of Monroe Indonesia’s Technology Division, said preparing “to nail an interview” was vital to increasing chances of landing a dream job, including the “small details”. 

“Clothing and overall presentation are important here; knowing what to wear, but also what you should bring to an interview. Many security-conscious buildings in Jakarta require a photo identification for entry, for example. It’s obviously much better to be prepared so you turn up for job interviews on time and in the best possible frame of mind.” 

In addition to conducting one’s self during an interview and outlining four simple steps to leave a good and lasting impression – positivity, body language, clarity and enthusiasm – Adeline also focused on some simple steps to complete at the conclusion of the meeting.

“Expressing gratitude for the opportunity, sending follow-up emails and requesting feedback from a first interview are all good steps,” she said. “Should you progress to the next stage, research the organization in even greater detail than for the first interview and prepare concrete examples that demonstrate how you can benefit the organization.”

Speaking generally, she said it was important for active jobseekers to understand how to position themselves in the market by knowing their strong suits.

“Understand your key strengths that match the job description, learn new skills that are highly sought after in the market, understand the market and industry needs, and get out there and pitch yourself and your resume or portfolio, they are your name cards.”