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What makes Monroe Consulting Group the best new recruitment agency in Malaysia

  • Publish Date: Posted over 6 years ago

It is often a costly and time-consuming process for companies in Malaysia to identify and recruit candidates that are great or perfect matches for their specific job vacancies. This is particularly true in high-growth industries or technical or specialised areas where there are shortages of talent in the marketplace. To this end, it has become increasingly apparent that more and more leading national and multinational companies operating in Malaysia are turning to the services of good recruitment agencies in Malaysia such as Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia.

Monroe Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur-based recruitment agency, had been quickly able to implement the wider Monroe Group’s proven business model to help companies source hard-to-find talent for crucially important executive job vacancies. 

“Over almost 20 years of operations, Monroe has fined tuned its recruitment model to be the leader in emerging markets, with successful operations in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Chile and Mexico,” said Noor Hazwani, Group Quality Control Manager at Monroe Consulting Group. “This can be put down to four key areas, namely customer satisfaction, the company’s internal recruitment process, specification and having the best recruitment consultants.”

The best recruitment consultants

If you want to be the best recruitment agency in Malaysia you will invest heavily in the training and development of your recruitment consultants. For instance, employee of Monroe Malaysia in which all of them had gained degrees from leading Malaysian universities, had experience working in the industries in which they worked as recruitment consultants and had vital international exposure. 

“We take the best of the best who then undergo a thorough development programme featuring an extensive training programme, both online and in class-room sessions with our Group Training and Development Manager, as well as mentoring by direct supervisors and the Country Manager,” said Noor, who oversees recruitment operations in eight countries, including in Malaysia. “And it’s a process that never stops – our consultants are provided with time each week to study, and to place themselves in the optimum position to succeed at work and advance their careers.”

In addition, Monroe Malaysia practised a firm non-discrimination policy, believing strongly that having a diverse range of employees allowed the company to assist a wider range of companies with their respective recruitment processes, she said.

Specialised recruitment

A good recruitment agency specialises in recruitment in five industry vertical, namely Consumer Goods, Health, Technology, Industrial and Professional Services, which includes banking, finance and insurance.

By having recruitment consultants who have worked in these specific sectors has a number of benefits for a good recruitment agency, individual job candidates and the client companies looking to secure the services of the best talent. For example, Monroe’s consultants understood the industry, understood the recruitment market and could not only source hard-to-find or passive talent, but ensure a successful hire, Noor said.

Moreover, the best recruitment agency in Malaysia will constantly engage in managing candidate salary expectations, which could often be unreasonable in spite of the shortage of talent in a number of key industries and job areas. Monroe Malaysia had implemented and refined the Monroe Group 12-step recruitment process.

Monroe’s 12-Step Recruitment Process

Once good recruitment agencies in Malaysia like Monroe had identified an ideal passive candidate (a candidate who was happy or content in their current job and had no intention of leaving their companies), They employed a 12-step recruitment methodology. These candidates are not generally looking for job opportunities but they are definitely open to new opportunities. 

Over the course of the process, Monroe Malaysia identifies passive executives and places these ideal candidates with some of the most respected companies in a range of industries in Malaysia. The firm is completely involved in the entire process, which is transparent and designed to manage the salary expectations of the candidate and ensure the successful hire.

Customer satisfaction

Monroe Malaysia took pride in the fact that the company’s reputation had helped the recruitment industry to grow, Noor said. “Key to the success of Monroe and the growth of our business are the results and overall customer satisfaction,” she said. “Our people, our training, our internal recruitment methodologies and our overall management are very much focused on mutually acceptable outcomes, success and ensuring that everybody is happy.”

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