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OLX Indonesia Hosts Networking Event in Jakarta for Aspiring E-Commerce Companies

  • Publish Date: Posted over 6 years ago

Despite widespread uncertainty about how the Indonesian government plans to regulate the E-commerce industry and the difficulties posed in the recruitment of executive-level talent, one thing remains clear – the digital sector is continuing to expand rapidly with almost 10 percent growth projected in 2018 alone.  Indonesia President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo has stated that he desires Indonesia’s digital economy to be worth US$130 billion by 2020, the largest in Southeast Asia. At the forefront of this drive is OLX Indonesia, the country’s largest online classified marketplace platform. 

Executive recruitment consultant Adeline Wu, the assistant head of Monroe Indonesia’s specialised Technology Division, said that given the tremendous growth and potential in the E-commerce sector, it was a pleasure to help OLX Indonesia organise the inaugural ConnecTOLX networking event.

“Monroe Indonesia has more than 15 years’ experience helping tech-based and E-commerce companies source executive-level or technical professionals for leading companies, so we were delighted to be able to help OLX source interested parties for the event,” she said. “And of course we have a dedicated Consumer Goods, Health, Industrial and Banking divisions, with many if not most companies in this sector looking to E-commerce to help drive sales and expand.”

Adeline said ConnecTOLX featured OLX Indonesia CEO Olaf van Schagen, who spoke about the potential of E-commerce. In attendance were executives from a number of industries, including consumer goods, pharmaceutical, health, banking, finance and insurance.

Other topics covered by key OLX Indonesia executives included the online classified business model, and the work culture of E-commerce sites from a human resources (HR) perspective, she said.

“The rapid growth of the digital sector in Indonesia has led to at times fierce competition for the key executive-level talent needed for start-up operations, or for existing companies, both national and multinational, to expand,” Adeline said. “More was happy to connect with a number of companies that would benefit from partnering with Monroe Indonesia.”