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Monroe Indonesia Forms Partnership with Data-Science Academy Algoritma

  • Publish Date: Posted about 6 years ago

Information technology (IT) professionals with skills and experience in Big Data and machine learning, particularly those proficient in the R programming language, are highly sought after in Indonesia, Jakarta-based executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia says. 

“The shortage of talent in this important and rapidly expanding field is a major issue in Indonesia and is leading to what we term a ‘talent war’ between companies seeking to hire and retain these key information technology professionals,” said Adeline Wu, the assistant head of Monroe Indonesia’s specialised Technology Division. “As a result, we are seeing a rapid rise in salaries.”

Executive-Level Recruitment in Indonesia a ‘Major Area of Concern’ for Technology Companies

Adeline was speaking on the side-lines of an information-sharing session with Samuel Mulia, the head of Drive Innovation and Growth at Algoritma, a Jakarta-based academy that teaches individuals or company-sponsored employees “to better profit from data”.

Indonesia’s leading executive recruitment company regularly hosts professionals from a range of different industries to ensure its consultants remain abreast of the latest developments in their respective industries, including technology.

Adeline said data science was similar to data mining in that technology-based processes were utilised to gain insights from various forms of data and was playing an ever-increasing role in the way people interacted with technology.

“We are increasingly moving toward a big data environment and more and more companies out there are realising that collected data is underutilised and can be harnessed or processed to gain greater insights into customer behaviour and preferences,” she said. “This obviously helps businesses gain better insights to support business decisions or determine future business direction.”

Adeline urged companies to embrace Big Data and machine learning to remain competitive in an evolving business landscape. “This has created a surge in demand for professionals, from the ground up, who can utilise these technologies across industries.”

Adeline said Monroe Indonesia would support Algoritma and graduates of its data science courses.

“As Indonesia’s leading recruitment company, including in the tech sector, Monroe Indonesia can assist Algoritma graduates in a number of ways, including providing important information about the recruitment sector and how they can leverage their new skill sets in the market,” she said. “The mutual relationship between Monroe and Algoritma will serve to help fill in the gap between talent supply and market demand.”

Data-Science Education Centre Algoritma

Monroe Indonesia has also been selected as a partner for Cloudera BASE, an initiative involving the government, training partners, executive search firms and businesses to recognize and foster talent in the Big Data sector, with the overall aim of creating a ‘smarter nation.’

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Selected to Help Spur Big Data Revolution in Indonesia