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Executive recruitment company helping Malaysian consumer goods companies embrace technology

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 6 years ago

Monroe Consulting Group Malaysia is shaping up as the executive recruitment company that is best placed to take advantage of the country’s Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ), with estimates that the DFTZ will create 60,000 new jobs.

Monroe, an international award-winning executive recruitment company with operations throughout the Asia-Pacific, including in Kuala Lumpur, has a specialist Technology Division that partners with a number of leading technology companies operating in Malaysia.

The world’s first digital free trade zone outside of China, the Alibaba-led DFTZ will merge physical and virtual zones, with additional online and digital services to facilitate international eCommerce and invigorate internet-based innovation.

With the rapidly growing digital economy already accounting for 18 percent of the Malaysian economy, Monroe specialises in sourcing and recruiting hard to find executive and technical talent.

Raymond Ong, a senior executive recruitment consultant with Monroe Malaysia’s Consumer Goods (FMCG) division, said the DFTZ would enhance the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in Malaysia through E-commerce. 

“The purpose of DFTZ is to aid SME, particularly consumer goods companies, that play an important role in the Malaysian economy but are hindered from growing because they can’t participate in Ecommerce opportunities, for a number of reasons.”

Monroe’s executive recruitment consultants were generally regarded as being among the best in their fields in Malaysia.

Monroe Malaysia recently claimed four awards at the Asia Recruitment Awards 2018 Malaysia, including Gold for ‘Best Candidate Experience by a Recruitment Solution Provider’ and Silver for ‘Recruitment Agency of the Year.’ Monroe was also awarded Silver awards for ‘Best Client Experience by a Recruitment Solution Provider’ and ‘Best New Recruitment Agency,’ a category in which the company won Golds in 2017 and 2016.

“In addition to a specialised focus on the technology sector and an extensive background knowledge in their field, our consultants abide by rigorous internal service standard guidelines and a code of conduct that promotes quality.”

Lim Ferng Weoi, Executive Recruitment Consultant under Consumer Goods Division, said it was an exciting time to be in recruitment in Malaysia, particularly in consumer goods and technology as the DFTZ progressed. Lim said E-commerce sales now accounted for about 7 percent of all sales.

“With an efficient E-commerce business, suppliers can decrease the cost of managing their inventory of goods that they can automate the inventory management using web-based management system,” he said.

“The best thing is E-commerce retailers can easily keep a constant eye on consumers’ buying habits and interests to tailor their offer suit to consumers’ requirements.”

Raymond Ong said there had been a increase in fast-moving consumer goods companies seeking to use Monroe to recruit information technology (IT) professionals as they expanded into E-commerce, including business development managers and directors, chief information officers (CIO), chief digital information officers (CDIO) and information technology (IT) directors.

The reflected the ongoing digital transformation confronting most Malaysian businesses.

“Although Monroe has a specialised technology team, the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods division looks forward in stepping up and helping online companies such as Alibaba and Lazada due to the booming industry,” Mr Ong said.

“Monroe can help by providing unique talents who have the requirements and expertise to fill up vacant yet crucial positions in the company.”