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Monroe launches innovative client and candidate services

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 6 years ago

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group is taking its award-winning client and candidate service standards to the next level with the launch of two new online portals.

Mr Hairs, who founded Monroe in Indonesia 15 years ago and has expanded into a total of eight countries in the Asia-Pacific region, said he was excited to introduce the Monroe Client Portal.

The portal allows approved human resources professionals, hiring managers and executive management access to LiveList where reviewing candidates was just a fraction of the functionality, he said.

“Everything you need about the candidate lives here, including a summary, educational background, work experience and skills,” he said.

“In LiveList you are able to undertake a range of actions, including messaging a recruitment consultant, rating a candidate and scheduling interviews.

“If a candidate really stands out, you can even email the profile to internal colleagues, including your own assessment.”

In addition to being able to help manage and monitor the recruitment process, client companies are now able to submit job vacancies, including job titles, job description and the level of urgency required to source and recruit the perfect replacement.

The Monroe Candidate Portal allows job candidates to create online accounts and complete a simple guided on-boarding process, including selecting the types of job they are interested in and uploading CVs, which would be automatically parsed onto candidate profiles that could be regularly updated.

Mr Hairs said candidates can set up job alerts and be notified when a new job comes in that matches their career goals. They can then manage job applications and withdraw applications at any point of the recruitment process.

Andrew said Monroe took its privacy standards seriously and has worked hard to comply with the new Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that have been introduced in Europe

“GDPR is seen as the benchmark for how companies should store and process personal information. A key part of these regulations is to gain the consent of an individual before sending their information to a third party, which obviously will affect the recruitment industry,” he said.

This is why we have ensured the new candidate portal allows jobseekers the option to choose to be “forgotten” and to give or withdraw consent to be put forward for a job.

“We pride ourselves on customer service and these portals have been custom designed to enhance our executive recruitment services, for both our corporate clients, including high profile multinational corporations, and individual executive job candidates.”

Monroe operates in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Chile, and Mexico.

The multiple international award-winning company specialises in executive recruitment in five industry verticals, namely Consumer Goods, Health, Technology, Industry and Professional Services, which covers banking, finance and insurance.