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Monroe Consulting Group named Best Small Recruitment Business for Asia-Pacific

  • Publish Date: Posted over 5 years ago

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group has been named Best Small Recruitment Business for the Asia-Pacific at the Global Recruiter Asia-Pacific Awards 2018 in Singapore.

It is the fourth time Monroe has been bestowed the prestigious Best Small Recruitment Business award since the inaugural Global Recruiter Asia-Pacific Awards in 2013.

Monroe, which narrowly missed out on defending its title for Best In-House Training, has been nominated for 13 awards, winning on seven occasions.

“The Global Recruiter Awards are the Asia-Pacific’s premiere recruitment awards and to be honoured as Best Small Recruitment Business on an unprecedented four occasions is extremely humbling,” Monroe Group Managing Direct Andrew Hairs said.

Monroe is expanding in all the of countries in which it operates, namely China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Chile and Mexico.

The company focuses of five sectors, namely Technology, Health, Industrial, Consumer Goods and Professional Services, which covers banking, finance and insurance.

Monroe Thailand Managing Director John Tolmie, who was also recently appointed to lead Monroe Vietnam, said has was pleased Monroe had been recognised for the fourth time as one of the Asia Pacific’s best recruitment companies.

“Our clients are some of the most respected national and multinational companies operating in the Asia-Pacific region, and they all demand a superior service, which we are able to provide through our distinctive recruitment methodologies; our investment in technology; industry-specific recruitment professionals and an award-winning training and development programme,” Mr Tolmie said.

“This ensure we consistently produce results time and time again and I’d like to thank the judges at The Global Recruiter for recognising Monroe’s efforts through this prestigious award."

Mr Hairs said another key facet of Monroe’s ongoing success was the recruitment company’s commitment to continual evolution of its services to meet the often rapidly changing demands within each of emerging economies in which it operated.

“We strive to be innovative and harness the latest technologies or tweak our recruitment strategies to maintain our position as the Asia-Pacific’s best recruitment company," he said.

"We give thanks to our industry peers for recognising our efforts."