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Executive recruitment has never been more efficient and transparent

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago

​It has never been easier for companies operating in the emerging economies of Asia and Latin America to make that perfect executive hire thanks to Monroe Consulting Group’s new state-of-the-art Vincere recruitment technology.

Monroe Consulting Group Managing Director Andrew Hairs said the Vincere technology streamlined the recruitment process throughout the organisation but it was the LiveList where human resources executives and hiring managers would see the biggest benefits.

“The fully secure LiveList is an online collaboration tool that puts all job candidate-related information in an easily accessible gateway,” he said.

From one easy-to-use interface, our clients can review candidates and CVs, rate candidates, add comments, accept or reject candidates, schedule interviews and message recruiters in real time.”

Mr Hairs said the Vincere technology would enhance the capabilities of his teams of headhunters, allowing them to focus more on sourcing and hiring key executives and highly technical talent that was often scarce in emerging markets.

“We pride ourselves and have been recognised for our superior customer service and that is only going to improve with the highly transparent Vincere technology.”

He said that in addition to vChat, increased availability and the LiveList, notable features included the recruitment pipeline, customer management pipeline and “all the bells and whistles” such as email and calendar integration, enhanced search mechanisms, the ability to post to more than 1,000 jobs boards and an activity feed that tracked progress.

Mr Hairs, who oversees the executive search company’s operations in eight countries, said the Vincere technology also automated middle-back office functions, including offer approvals, onboarding and invoicing.

Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia deputy managing director Tina Nugraheni said her team was enjoying the AI Coach feature.

“Utilizing machine learning on data collected from your usage of Vincere over the last 12 months, the AI Coach automatically generates goals and ratios specific to our business, our teams and our individual recruitment consultants,” she said.

“The AI Coach gives you visibility on your current business performance based entirely on your stats and shows you exactly what you need to do to hit your target.

“It is clear: our headhunters know what they have to achieve.”

Monroe Consulting Group Philippines managing director Monica Viladot said Vincere’s document builder allowed users to create company-wide templates with merge-field capabilities for resumes, client proposals and contracts, and sales and purchase invoices.

“In just one click, you have the ability to generate documents with the correction information,” she said.

“The document builders provide speed and accuracy so recruiters don’t have to worry about administration, particularly compensation and salary documents, so they are free to do what they do best – headhunting.”

Lhorlan Laurel, head of Monroe Consulting Group Vietnam, said the technology was great for job candidates also, who could now create and update individual accounts, apply for jobs and monitor progress via Monroe’s new website, which blended seamlessly with the Vincere platform.

“The candidate portal is great. It can be accessed easily on your mobile phone or computer, you can follow all applications, subscribe to job alerts and it is fully compliant with international standards meaning that you can request to be forgotten at any time.”