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Monroe China Hiring Event   14122019
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Empowering careers: Monroe China hold executive recruitment forum

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago

​Monroe Consulting Group China have held a second career transition event for young professionals that aimed to help empower them to ensure their careers are headed in the right direction.

Kelly Liu, managing director of the Shanghai-based executive search agency, said Monroe Consulting Group China was a successful company staffed by young executive recruitment consultants who were able to bond well with participants of the Career Transition Workshop.

“Launching a new career or transitioning from one career path to another are some of the most important decisions you will make in your life so we were delighted to provide our insights to a range of different executives from leading companies operating in China,” she said.

“In addition, we also explained why careers as executive recruitment consultants or headhunters might also be considered to be a great option.”

Monroe operates in eight countries around the world, with Monroe China headhunter Rowena Zhu recently named the search agency’s most successful recruitment consultant for 2019.

“Rowena launched her headhunting career with Monroe and has never looked back,” Ms Liu said.

“The company provides an award-winning ongoing training program and rewards success with promotion.”

Ms Liu said after fun ice-breaking exercises, Monroe China consultants discussed their careers in executive search, specifically how the job was fun, financially rewarding and engaged in an occupation that was important.

The Managing Director herself led a self-assessment exercise, helping participants define their career paths through identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and “what they really want to do, and what they realistically can do.”

“Then it was time for the group case study – participants were paired up and asked to analyse a business case before presenting their action plan and recommendations for addressing a posed problem,” Ms Liu said.

“Monroe observers were impressed by the teamwork, logical analysis and diversity of thought on display, with pairs persuasively debating their positions,” she said.

“We finished off the session with an interpretation of the Everything DISC assessment results – participants were asked to complete a personality assessment during the event.”

Ms Liu said Monroe Consulting Group was always seeking new ways to improve so asked for feedback.

“One participant replied, ‘It was very exciting to interact with professionals from various industries, the event helped me get a clearer picture of my career positioning’,” she said.

“As mentioned before, working in executive recruitment is all about fun, money and doing an important job that impacts positively on others.”

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