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Monroe Mexico Masterclass
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Positive leadership: turning good employees into great employees

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago

​What does it take to maximise the full potential of a leading company’s human resources?

That was one of the key questions posed at an Executive Breakfast Masterclass hosted by executive search agency Monroe Consulting Group Mexico in association with highly respected Spain-based IE Business School this month.

Monroe Mexico marketing analyst Mariana Moreno said her company’s team of recruitment consultants and executives from a number of leading companies enjoyed the informative Masterclass, which featured a presentation by Joaquin Uríbarri, director of Global Outreach and professor at the business university headquartered in Madrid.

She said Professor Uríbarri focused on the development of new leadership skills, based on his extensive experience working with managers and companies in developing employees to achieve or exceed their full potentials.

“A key message that came across was that positive psychology improves an individual’s potential by developing strengths,” she said.

“In contrast to ‘classic’ psychology, which focuses on the treatment of weaknesses in behaviour and attitude, positive psychology maximises performance by working on strengths. 

Ms Moreno said the approach was true of not only individuals, but teams and executives up to the director level.

She said the event allowed executives the opportunity to learn more about the recruitment company, share experiences, learn and network.

“During the breakfast session, we interacted through activities that tested our cognitive skills and abilities, as well as our leadership skills, proving that we can always continue to learn and improve to become leading experts that encourage and inspire their work teams to grow.”

Monroe Mexico is part of the world-wide international award-winning Monroe Consulting Group, which specialises in executive search in emerging markets.

Monroe Mexico holds regular Executive Breakfasts each year, bringing together business leaders and human resources management professionals to discuss a range of business issues, including HR strategies such as the recruitment and retention of key executive employees or hard-to-source technical talent.