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Monroe Philippines To Host Their Latest Webinar, Recruitment In The New Normal
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Monroe Philippines to host their latest webinar, Recruitment in the New Normal

  • Publish Date: Posted about 4 years ago

Executive recruitment company Monroe Consulting Group Philippines are hosting their latest webinar, Recruitment in the New Normal, on Thursday 18th June.

The webinar will cover the best practices for the new age of recruitment as well as discuss the industries which have transformed, and those which have remained the same during the pandemic. Experts from various sectors will make a guest appearance during the webinar and share their thoughts on how the pandemic have impacted their industry.

As the world experiences the impact of the global pandemic, many companies have had to reduce their staff, or impose hiring freezes, meaning that we are now seeing a much larger talent pool than usual for hiring managers to choose from.

The pandemic has also taught businesses that being physically present in an office environment is no longer necessary for successful operations. By considering remote workers for new positions, hiring managers further expand their potential talent pool.

It is important for businesses to continue their search for the best talent in the industry. Hiring managers should begin to prepare now so that they can beat their competition in the race to take advantage of exceptionally talented professionals seeking employment.

Furthermore, the hiring process currently is proving to be much shorter and more efficient than ever before. With no physical commute, virtual interviews save time, effort and money for both the company and candidate as well as reducing impact on the environment.

Our recruitment experts will be providing valuable insight on recruitment in the ‘new normal’ as well as sharing useful tips and techniques that will aid businesses in the age of digital recruitment. 

We have limited tickets available so be sure to register now