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Career In The Digital Age, What Skills Do You Need To Have
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Career in the Digital Age, What Skills Do You Need to Have?

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 4 years ago

​During these challenging times, companies are seeking employees with a specific skill set to better adapt in the digital era. On August 14th Ratna Suminar, Executive Recruitment Consultant at Monroe Indonesia, made a guest appearance at Kumala Group’s‘Inspiring Friday’ Instagram Live. During the live stream, Ratna discussed recruitment in the new normal and what job seekers need to watch out for when applying for a job in the current market.

Ratna commented that ‘the current situation is unique yet very tricky at the same time’. There have been tonnes of changes especially in the recruitment process, starting from assessment and how an employer looks for a candidate and the skills needed. The pandemic has forced us to become more tech savvy, resulting in employers searching for candidates who have more advanced tech knowledge in comparison to the prior market.

Ratna also mentioned that the new normal has made the job market more competitive. She discussed the challenges that will appear and how can we best prepare candidates to stand out during this competitive digital era.

Tips shared by Ratna included the importance of developing a personal brand as a way to make yourself stand out to employers, the common mistakes that the candidates often make, how to make an impressive CV and how to answer interview questions, with a focus on how candidates can upskill and translate their skills into the new digital era.

In her summary, Ratna gave three pieces of advice to viewers. The first is to make sure you stay updated with current market news, updates from your targeted industry and thoroughly research the company you are applying to join. The second piece of advice Ratna gave was to network. Plenty of opportunities present themselves when meeting new people and connecting with individuals from the same or similar industries. Her final piece of advice was to never give up. Job hunting is tricky and challenging, especially following the pandemic, but don’t be afraid of failures. If your plan A doesn’t work, keep refining and make a plan B, keep pushing towards your goals.

With more than 90 viewers tuning in and engaging with the discussion, the live stream was a great success. Viewers were enthusiastic and submitted many questions for Ratna and Kumala Group to answer and discuss.

At Monroe Consulting Group, we strive to support our candidates and clients in any possible way. Our consultants regularly take part in interviews and Q&A’s, giving viewers valuable insights and tips. Monroe also produce regular webinars which provide participants with expertise and recommendations to help you in your job search.

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