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Essential questions your CV should answer

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago

​Recruiters and hiring managers see hundreds of applications for each role they have open. How do you ensure that your CV catches their attention? Your CV should be considered as a personal marketing pitch to sell yourself to potentials employers, so it is important for it to stand out. Below are three of the most important questions we suggest answering in your CV when applying for your next role.

1.     How can you benefit their company?

You are applying to a role because the company has a need. Therefore, the reader of your CV will be connecting the dots between their needs and what you have to offer.

All your previous roles should be clearly presented. Instead of just listing out your responsibilities, focus on the value you added during your previous positions. Share your accomplishments, it benefits you to share the achievements that best relate to the position you are applying for.

What are you good at now? Share what unique strengths you bring to the table, both soft and technical skills. You need to state how you acquired these strengths through previous experience, positions or education.

2.     Why are you interested?

While your CV is being reviewed, the reader wants to see that you are not only qualified for the position but interested as well. If the hiring manager or recruiter doesn’t find that you have exhibited any interest, they will most likely assume you have submitted a blanket application to multiple adverts.

When you first came across the job description something must have attracted you enough to apply for the position. Think back to what that was and use that initial attraction to your advantage. It may also help to research the company to learn about why you think you are such a good fit. Does their mission statement stand out? Are you interested in their culture? Do their core values align to your own?

Once you have a clear understanding on why you are applying, update your personal statement. Weave those reasons into your resume where you see fit. Not only will this show how eager you are about the position, but it will also show the effort you put into learning about their company.

Additionally, the reader seeks assurance of interest through the language you use. While tailoring your CV, a trick to displaying interest is mirroring the language used in the job description. 

3.     What is your potential?

Previous achievements aren’t the only thing that employers look at. They also want to gauge your potential. While reviewing your CV, the reader will try to envision how successful you could be if you were to work for them.

To display your potential for the company, make sure to articulate your ambition and future goals. You can do this by explaining how you have improved with each position you’ve had. Emphasise the areas you have worked hard to improve in. Use clear communication, quantifiable achievements, and action verbs to show what exactly you bring to their company. Remember you are selling yourself! 

Whether you have just graduated or have been in the job market for decades, writing your CV can be unnerving. Knowing what to include and what not to include can become confusing. If you thoroughly answer the questions above throughout your CV, you will be well off in your hunt for a job. However, these questions aren’t comprehensive. Our expert consultants are readily available to help you on the hunt for your next opportunity. Contact us today to help perfect that CV!