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From Consultant to Managing Director: Tina’s Success Journey with Monroe

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago

Tina Nugraheni, who has been working for Monroe Indonesia since 2012, was promoted to Managing Director for Monroe’s Indonesia branch, effective on January 2022. In this latest interview, Tina provides insight into her working history and anticipates her future with Monroe Indonesia. 

  • Please tell us about yourself

I’m a passionate, focused and driven person. I enjoy working where I can give value to the business and to the people I work with. I make sure to work with pride and passion because my life motto has always been to do what you do with passion or don’t do it at all. I am a proud leader and a recruiter at heart, and I'm always proud of the accomplishments I have made. 

  •  How did you start your career journey with Monroe Consulting Group?

I still vividly remember during my last semester when I was doing my MBA in Taiwan, my professor invited a practitioner who happened to be a career counsellor. That was the moment I knew I wanted to be a head hunter. When my time was up in Taiwan, I decided to go back to Indonesia. Despite all the offers I got; to continue the doctorate program, or to pursue some job offers there, I turned them all down. I needed to be back home with my family, especially my mother who was battling her cancer at that time - my family needed me.

Knowing that my chapter in Taiwan was done, I started job searching and sending my CVs so that when I arrived in Indonesia I would have interviews scheduled and get started on a new chapter of my life. Thankfully God is great, I received four job offers at the same time. There were bigger companies with higher offers, which was very tempting but I chose Monroe. However, I knew I wanted this job and I was determined to take it and be responsible for whatever comes with it. Following my intuition is what I'm good at and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life!

  •  What has your impact at Monroe been so far?

I have always believed in #doingsomethingthatmatters, a tag line that we use often at Monroe Consulting Group. I truly believe this is what the job is about, never merely about revenue but more about the purpose and value we bring. At Monroe, we all have the opportunity to bring greater value in doing something that matters; bridging people to opportunities that can give them a better quality of life for their family, helping the business grow and having a great impact on the economy in general.

I live in it; I live the value, I bring it to life and set an example for those at Monroe to also live in it, so everyone works with purpose. I love to make people see a real example that nothing is impossible. When I took the lead of the Technology division 6 years ago (2014), the team's overall morale was down and had never reached the 2nd rank within the company. When I stepped up and took the team under my leadership, I realized the biggest issue was passion, and lack of pride in working in the recruitment industry. I worked closely with everyone, went to a lot of networking events, got ourselves exposed and just like that we broke the record across the region in terms of NFI and profitability, and since then the Technology desk shines.

The same applies when I moved to the Industrial desk, after preparing the succession planning with the Technology division, the desk was in the last rank and the team morale was down there as well. The following year, the magic happened, and the Industrial team increased their performance. Since then, the Industrial team has always led the way as #1 in both profit and revenue contribution for the company.

  • What do you anticipate you will bring to the role of Managing Director?

I anticipate to bring nothing but success for both the company and the people in it. I want to create an environment where we all work with purpose in the spirit of ubuntu: there's no I without us and that we are truly #strongertogether

  • How is Monroe placed in Indonesia today?

Over the year Monroe has gained a great reputation in the market as the leading recruitment service, and it is the reputation I aim to maintain and even improve. I am proud to be part of the journey. Ten years ago, when I started my career in the industry, the headhunting business was still foreign to a lot of people. Each phone call we made we had to explain who Monroe was, and what our service was about. We even did a plethora of cold calling using the big yellow pages book (if people still remember those).

  • What are your plans for the future of Monroe Indonesia?

To expand and gain more market share. The market may know Monroe for our contingency service, which we have built a credible reputation for over the years. However, we aim to expand and grow our services and make our brand be known as more than the traditional contingency service we offer.