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3 ways a recruitment agency can help you with your career

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author:by Sebastian Cameron John Freeland
  1. We help with your job application process.

When it comes to applying directly to a company for a role, the process can be frustrating. You wonder if the company you applied to received your application, you think about when the first and second interviews will be (in a week, in a month – who knows?!), you wait for feedback, offers seem to take forever - the list goes on.

A recruitment agency can take care of this whole process for you! The recruitment consultants can prepare you for interviews, make sure you don't have to have the awkward salary conversation, AND – they'll make sure you get paid what you're worth. Being transparent with your recruiter can benefit you in the long run and will ensure they find a perfect match for you.

  1.  We are experts in our field.

When it comes to job searching, most of us only have to look for a new job every few years (and even less frequently for others). Sometimes we need to figure out what our next step should be and what direction we should be heading career-wise.

Recruitment consultants know their market well, and they understand how to search for the perfect job for you – because that's what they do every day through speaking to hiring managers and C-suite executives.

A recruitment consultant can tell you if you're wasting time by applying for a role that isn't right for you. In some cases, your recruiter can give you a more accurate representation of what it's like to work for a company than the actual hiring manager can.

  1.  We have access to hidden gems.

Many businesses now choose not to advertise themselves and let recruitment agencies do their work. They do this either because they want to fill in a confidential and sensitive role or to avoid being bombarded with unnecessary applications. Working with a recruitment agency allows you to tap into these hidden jobs.

At Monroe Consulting Group, we are invested in your success. Together we will support you right through the process, from the initial job application and interview to selection procedure. If you're interested in exploring new career opportunities, check out our jobs or register with us to be the first to get an update on new jobs.