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​Monroe Indonesia’s success with OJK: A brighter future for Indonesia’s financial service industry

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago

Executive Recruitment Company, Monroe Consulting Group has been selected by the Indonesia Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan/OJK) to provide procurement of Multi-Level Entry Employees for the fiscal Year 2022. The project has been underway since January 28 2022 and was successfully completed by December 8, 2022. Many of the placements were senior and executive roles spanning across various functions.

Tina Nugraheni, Managing Director of Monroe Indonesia, commented “it was a great opportunity and honour to be able to work with the Financial Services Authority and be a part of this large-scale project. We are seeing that the Indonesian market is maturing, and competition is increasing, hence the standard of talent in the industry is also improving. This project with OJK demonstrated the excellence in our recruitment service and provided our client, OJK, the qualified talent needed to help grow their financial service in Indonesia.”

This project was spearheaded by Zakaria Putra Wirjanto, Deputy Managing Director and division head for professional services. Wirjanto commented that “Monroe Indonesia has more than 17 years of local expertise within the Indonesian recruitment market and a global network of 19 countries - this is what set us apart from our competitors. Through our highly trained and specialised consultants, global data engine and innovative business practice, we were able successfully deliver highly qualified candidates that meets OJK’s requirement”

Of course, this project did not come without its set of challenges. For an emerging market, such as Indonesia, the talent gap and shortage remains a key problem. Rapid adoption of technology has been the main theme these past few years in Indonesia’s Banking and Financial sector. This sentiment was shared with OJK. In addition, we started to see rapid digital acceleration of entirely new portfolios of products and services in fields such as mobile banking, online investment and digital payments. Building a future-ready talent management strategy is crucial to remain competitive in today's evolving work environment. Monroe Consulting Group continues to adapt and understand the local market trends so we can help clients like OJK build a flexible, agile and highly skilled workforce.

About Us

Monroe Consulting Group has been operating in the market for over 20 years. We have offices in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Our office located in Indonesia has been operating there longer than many other big multinational agencies and has set a good footprint and branding in the Indonesian market.

Monroe is also part of the Empresaria Group, a publicly listed company on the UK stock exchange. Through our internal communication community, we can connect with all our brands on initiatives, training, leadership programmes and are able to build relationships with a diverse network. Empresaria’s worldwide presence opens an assortment of opportunities from advancements to moving between brands and travelling around the world. Empresaria's large scale allows the group to invest in the most innovative technology and software, providing all brands within the group a competitive advantage.