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Driving Inclusivity Monroe Thailand Provides Insights And Guidance To Disabled Students For First Job Readiness
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Driving Inclusivity: Monroe Thailand provides insights and guidance to disabled Students for first job readiness

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago

​On June 8th, 2023, Monroe Thailand is thrilled and honoured to have participated in the "Preparation for the Disabilities in the Job Market" project organized by Disabled Student Services, Thammasat University (DSSTU).

Our consultants, Pattira Kulpreeda, Nattawoot S.(First), and Sermsiri Prommeechai (Game), conducted an insightful session on the topic of "Preparing for Your First Job: Discovering Your Hard Skills and Soft Skills." Nattawoot S.(First), a Senior Executive Recruitment Consultant, shared his thoughts on the session: "It was an empowering experience to provide valuable insights on preparing for one's first job and developing essential hard and soft skills. We covered various topics, including the current job market, industry overview, job functions, trends, and the significance of both hard and soft skills. This project aimed to ensure equal opportunities and inclusive environments for disabled students to express themselves, embrace their unique abilities, and thrive in their professional lives."

Furthermore, Sermsiri Prommeechai, another Senior Executive Recruitment Consultant, expressed her aspiration after the session: "It was incredibly uplifting to witness their enthusiasm and active participation in discussions, as they shared their aspirations and proactive preparations for their desired career paths. I hope to see a more inclusive and diverse workforce that appreciates and embraces the unique talents and perspectives of individuals, regardless of their abilities."

The session concluded with a Q&A segment, allowing participants to engage with the consultants and address any concerns or thoughts they had before entering the workforce. Pattira Kulpreeda, the Division Director, noted, "The Q&A sessions provided a platform for fruitful discussions and the exchange of ideas. It was heartening to see genuine interest and enthusiasm from both disabled and non-disabled individuals as we collectively explored ways to bridge the gap and create equal opportunities in the career world." Pattira would also like to express her thanks to Kanrawee Vijakvitchakorn, Talent Acquisition Manager from Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., for her coordination and Thammasat University for inviting her team to participate in this meaningful conversation.

At Monroe Consulting Group, we hold diversity, equality, and equity in the highest regard within our workplace. Our commitment to giving back to the community and promoting an inclusive environment is evident in our company policy and past CSR initiatives. If you need assistance in ensuring that your hiring practices align with DE&I standards, please feel free to reach out to our team of experts.