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​Overcoming the Talent Shortage: Navigating Hiring in the Healthcare Sector in Indonesia

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago

Monroe Consulting Group Indonesia saw an 80% increase in healthcare sector clients in 2022, which was attributed to the government's amplified backing and focus on the industry. Furthermore, we also successfully placed nearly double the number of candidates with the health sector compared to the previous year, and this upward trajectory is projected to continue in 2023. This growth reflects the mounting interest and potential in the Indonesian healthcare sector, which has emerged as one of the most appealing industries due to the government's allocation of 9.4% of the state budget to healthcare.

As the industry progresses and develops, there is a growing demand for equitable pay practices. Companies are now endeavoring to evaluate how their remuneration policies measure up against those of their competitors and the broader market.

Challenges and Opportunities

The pharmaceutical and medical device sector in Indonesia is witnessing a surge in growth, propelled by an aging population, a surge in chronic ailments, and an expanding middle class. To keep pace with this growth, hospitals and healthcare providers require professionals who possess a comprehensive understanding of business strategy.

Fani Wahyu Zalika, Health Manager at Monroe Indonesia, commented that “Locating qualified candidates is a daunting task, given that the majority of top talent is concentrated in significant cities like Jakarta. Overcoming this challenge demands a collaborative effort from the government, industry organizations, and private sectors to offer career training opportunities. Furthermore, companies can identify potential hires and prepare them for future roles.

It's important to note that the most suitable candidates may not always be employed by prestigious hospitals. Employers should consider a diverse pool of qualified candidates as they can bring new and innovative perspectives to the industry.”

In-demands Positions

In Q1 of 2023, the healthcare sector has a high demand in leadership positions, including sales and marketing managers for medical devices and pharmaceuticals, product managers, commercial leaders, and hospital directors for hospitals and other healthcare providers. Candidates with relevant experience and strong communication and leadership skills are sought after for these roles. Overall, the healthcare sector is offering exciting career opportunities for individuals with backgrounds in sales, marketing, and healthcare management.

Recruitment Process Journey

The length of the process often depends on the size of the company, with multinational corporations taking longer to place candidates, typically ranging from 3-6 weeks as they have a standard operating procedure in place. In contrast, local companies can be quicker to place candidates within 2-6 weeks because they have fewer decision maker layers. However, there can be exceptions as the process often involves multiple stakeholders, which can cause it to be longer.

To overcome the challenges of the job market and ensure you stay ahead of your competitor, here are a few recommendations to take into consideration:

For Employers:

  • Do not focus solely on referral networks, instead, explore multiple channels for talent acquisition

  • Be inclusive and open to a wider pool of talent

  • Use a more strategic approach to assess candidate capabilities and alignment with company mission

  • Avoid reactive approaches to recruitment and be proactive by mapping company needs beforehand.

For Job Seekers:

  • Provide tangible and measurable achievements

  • Relate your achievements to productivity

  • Stay visible and up to date on LinkedIn

At Monroe Consulting Group we remain committed to providing our clients and candidates with the latest insights on hiring trends in the Indonesian job market. Download our comprehensive Salary guide, whether you are an employer looking to determine competitive compensation for your employees or a candidate seeking fair compensation

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