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Improving your interview skills with Monroe Consulting and the Philippine Army

  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago

​On Friday 27th November 2020, Frilyn Corilla, Assistant Division Head at Monroe Consulting Group Philippines, was invited as a Subject Matter Expert speaker for the Philippine Army Transition Assistance Program (TAP). This program aims to aid all retiring/separating personnel and dependents of those soldiers who were killed in action as a symbol of the organisation's sincere gratitude of their invaluable service to the country. Read more about this program in our previous article: Monroe Consulting Group invited as Subject Matter Expert for the Philippine Army

Frilyn gave a presentation about how to boost your job interview skills and found the event a great success with participants actively engaging during the discussion and providing valued feedback. Speaking on the event, Frilyn said “I had a great and meaningful discussion with them. I can feel how disciplined they are and the value they put into their work. As far as I can see, they don’t have limitations for themselves as long as they can do the job, they would! Their confidence and perseverance was present during the discussion.” She further commented that their impressive discipline and confidence is partly due to what they have learned during their training as soldiers, which she feels is an added quality that potential employers will value.

During the presentation, Frilyn gave tips and strategies on how to be successful in job interviews and how to land their dream jobs. Topics included the do’s and don’ts of interviews, interview preparation techniques and sample questions that are relevant when applying for a job. You can read more about Monroe’s interview preparation tips here: Monroe's Interview Advice

In addition, Frilyn noted the importance of making a good first impression when applying for a job. She stated “since the pandemic is still going on and many people are still in lockdown in the Philippines, I have shared with them the new digital recruitment process and current hiring trends so they can be prepared and find ways to make their interview more engaging despite social distancing restrictions”. To encourage participant engagement during the event, Frilyn also asked for answers to many common interview questions such as “ why should we hire you?”, “what makes you stand out from other candidates?”, ” what benefits of yours serve as added value to a company?”. Frilyn expressed how common these questions are, and how difficult it is to answer them if you are unprepared.

Frilyn summarised that “overall the event was excellent, I feel honoured and delighted that I was invited to speak at this event and hopefully I was able to give them the necessary knowledge and tools to help our national heroes find potential employment”.

Monroe Consulting Group Philippines has been involved in various expert events in the past. Their latest webinar event talked about recruitment in the new normal where Monica Viladot, Managing Director of Monroe Philippines, and other industry experts discussed the impact the pandemic has had on the Philippines industry in 2020. Read more here: The New Normal: The Philippines Recruitment Market

Other events include:

Information Technology, Executive Recruitment and the Future

Executive recruitment in the FMCG consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors in the Philippines

These regular events provide a platform for consultants to share their knowledge and expertise from a recruitment point of view as well as invite industry-expert guest speakers.

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